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Family Office

The family office branch of Moheet Al Jazirah has been designed with our clients in mind. We deal with busy individuals with full lifestyles, and we aim to offer a service that comprehensively manages all our clients’ property management requirements from a home and concierge management point of view. We cover all aspects of recruitment, training and ongoing management of staff, including managing payment, HR and expenditure and reactive training in the event of issues. We also act as a personal assistant service, ensuring that any bespoke services are taken care of on the concierge side of property management. 

Property concierge is a relatively new concept within the property management industry but we at Moheet Al Jazirah believe it is the way forward in terms of offering our busy clients something extra. It is also an opportunity to offer an extra source of financial income to landlords who have already let properties, as well as catering to the modern-day staple of long working hours in the city and little time to spend on maintaining rented property on a daily and weekly basis. As a property concierge, we offer services on both sides of the spectrum. For tenants, this is typically a straightforward cleaning service, although other tenant concierge services include handling deliveries in absentia, laundry pickup and delivery and assisting with transport where necessary. 

On the landlord side, a concierge service can comprise all aspects of property management as detailed above, but it also impacts upon the administrative side of a business, if you hold multiple properties and employ staff to assist you. As experienced market leaders in the sales and letting industry, we are well positioned to provide support where necessary and help ensure that your portfolio is managed more efficiently. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that every aspect of property management is run as efficiently as possible, because that is what generates success.

As property concierge services are always on a bespoke, client by client basis, we prefer to speak with our clients directly and come to a fully personalised arrangement, rather than offering a standard list of services. For more information and to help us deal with your request in the most efficient way possible, please contact us on +(44) 20 7589 1400 to discuss your requirements in more detail.