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Property Management and Maintenance

The majority of our clients lead extremely busy lives and are looking for a property management service that takes away the stress of ownership. At Moheet Al Jazirah, we provide a comprehensive property management service, that comprises all aspects of pre-, during and post-tenancy, to ensure that everything is completely taken care of. 

However, we value communication very highly, so you can expect to be kept informed as much as you would like to be, but with any issues being handled quickly and effectively by us. 

A large part of our London property management service is done prior to rent, as it is at the screening stage where effectiveness is most important. We ensure a reliable calibre of tenant for your property, so that the risk of any issues is greatly reduced, and there are no financial problems down the line. From there, we provide a full and thorough administrative service, from deposits to rent and ongoing maintenance, as well as post-tenancy cleaning and deposit return. 

At no stage during a property rental process does our attention to detail wane. Whether it is regularly assessing the safety and working order of electrical equipment to avoid costly breakdowns, responding quickly to tenant or landlord requests, or carrying out property inspections to ensure that tenants are abiding by the rules as set out in our tenancy agreements, we handle every eventuality quickly and professionally. We don’t believe in waiting to see what happens next at Moheet Al Jazirah; we get results now, right when you want them.

Vacant Management

We run a comprehensive management service for vacant properties, to ensure that they do not fall into disrepair. This includes periodic cleaning, managing ongoing utility charges, regular garden maintenance, arranging for the heating system to be turned on and off to ensure that pipes don’t freeze, and heating drainage. No matter how long your property is empty, we can ensure that it is well looked after so you can focus on other things. You decide on frequency and budget, and we’ll sort out the rest. This can also be a useful way to ensure that your insurance isn’t invalidated, as many policies stipulate that properties must be visited once every 2 weeks.

Property Management

Our property management service is underpinned by a professional team, individualised, personal contact and a modern IT system that allows for comprehensive oversight and live management. As with all our services, we establish a routine based entirely on our clients’ needs, covering weekly checks, maintenance and servicing of all major plumbing, electrical and gas installations, coordinating contractors and reviewing pricing, service contracts and facilities. We keep detailed files with all paperwork, warranties and invoicing, as well as offering a bookkeeping and reporting service to ensure that our clients know exactly what the income and expenditure record looks like on each of their properties.