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Rentals - Residential and Commercial

At Moheet Al Jazirah, we manage a range of rental properties for both residential and commercial partners and represent clients with a range of properties available for rental. As property managers, we take care of all aspects of the rental process, from initial communication and inquiry to references, deposit and payment, and ongoing maintenance and inspections. We are constantly updating our database with new rental opportunities, so if you would like to find out more about our current listings, get in touch on +(44) 20 7589 1400.


Underpinning our approach to rentals management at Moheet Al Jazirah is the care we take to ensure that all prospective tenants are thoroughly vetted. This is a two-pronged procedure that starts on paper, with references and financial checks being followed up in every instance. However, we also pride ourselves on the personal approach, meeting with tenants to ensure that they understand the expectations their future landlords have of them and assessing their suitability for becoming regular letters with us. Our approach protects both our landlord clients and the tenants themselves, guaranteeing that all parties feel safe, having clearly understood the process and the legalities of the landlord-tenant agreement. It is this thorough approach that has translated into us having many repeat clients on both sides of the letting arrangement, meaning that we are always quick and efficient when it comes to filling vacant properties and re-establishing cashflow through a rental property


We have a range of apartments to suit size and budget requirements for a wide range of customers. Our ultimate goal is to build positive relationships with property owners and prospective rental customers alike, so you can expect us to make contact with you for an in-depth conversation about your requirements, to ensure that we match you with the most suitable property. As a complete property management firm, you will deal with us through every part of the rental process. This means that if you have any issues, you can get in touch and we will respond straight away. Keeping our rental clients happy is a top priority at Moheet Al Jazirah, and you can guarantee the highest quality in that regard.


We have a wide range of commercial renting opportunities, which cater to all location and size requirements from single spaces to large retail and industrial rental. As property experts, we carry out thorough checks on all commercial properties that we manage, meaning that all our listings are guaranteed to be safe and secure, As with our residential rental service, we cover all aspects of the process and act as ongoing property managers for the duration of your tenancy. We serve clients looking for all durations of rental, from short-term to indefinite contract lengths. Either way, we are with you all the way.