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Sales - Residential and Commercial

Information is key, and at Moheet Al Jazirah, we are information experts. We have spent years building up buyer and property contacts, and we spend a large amount of our time on keeping our information up to date but, more importantly, ahead of our competitors.

Selling is not simply setting a price and then collecting money. Selling is a process that requires careful marketing, property preparation and a pool of potential buyers that guarantees success. Whether residential or commercial, we have the expertise to ensure that your property is presented and marketed in the most suitable way for the specific market, the area and the timing of the sale. Our expert negotiators give you a head start with securing the best possible deal, and our expertise in London residential and commercial property sales means that you can expect a smooth process, with savings, speed and reliability at the heart of our core values.


For residential sales, we use our knowledge of the market and advanced technology to match buyers to properties through our extensive database. We offer our support and expertise at all stages of a sale, ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible for our clients, and that there are cost savings wherever possible.

When it comes down to it, we wouldn’t have built up the reputation we have by simply selling on the first property that comes to us each time. We are committed to providing nothing but quality to our customers. A property is like an extension of a family; we work hard to match our customers with properties that match their personalities and their ideals. Through the groundwork we do with our clients at the initial communication stage, we learn as much as possible about their situations and ensure that we find buyers that are highly likely to show serious interest and make serious offers. And, of course this transfers through to you, the seller, by being more efficient and having a higher hit rate, and a lower chance of problems arising as a result of a non-committal buyer.


We offer a complete range of commercial sales options, including private treaty and auction, intermediaries and acquisitions. Our commercial database is comprehensive and constantly growing, with regular, advanced reporting and analysis to help us to identify and capitalise on market trends and sales opportunities. We work with a range of trusted firms and clients to assist them in developing their portfolios and finding properties that fit the bill for them. As with our residential sales, we believe in working closely with the people we represent to ensure that both sides of the sale are happy and confident, ensuring a greater success rate in proceeding from offer to completion.